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Re: Poll: Do you think your aikido organization would surive without its chief instructor(s)?


I concur with you on the father-son comparison. It shouldn't happen but it does. No two people are ever the same and such debates are best left unsaid, but it is human nature to compare.

All one can do is to be true to oneself. I came to the conclusion long ago that I am my own person and refuse and sometimes put down all forms of discussion having to do with "X wasn't as good as Y." Whether it is father/son, teacher/student, founder/successor, etc. Whenever such comments come up I try to be quick in coming out with the truth:" X is NOT Y so don't even go there!"

Kato Shihan said at a seminar I was lucky enough to attend, that one's aikido needs to be fluid as water. That relates to this situation as well. When people try to compare themselves or you to another... let it roll on by. To "fight" such arguements gives validity to their argument... and that strenghtens them. Telling everyone you will allow no such remarks and end it... thus letting it pass, I believe is the best way to work it and be done with the matter.

I hope that makes sense.

All the best to you and your practice in the future! From what you have said, you have a fine organization that is well grounded and strong. I hope it is and that it remains so for many years to come.

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