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Re: Aikido & Pilates

Rob Liberti wrote:
Well, yes and no.
Yes - I agree that it is a bit misleading but not terribly so.and No - The "gist" would ALSO have to include that there are many posture and core strength and flexibilty problems - which these activities help.
I guess I don't see how it isn't, at best, misleading, and at worst.... The muscles do not lengthen.

It appears you are suggesting that pilates/yoga/gyrotonic improve flexibility and strengthen muscles allowing for improved posture (which is then misinterpreted as "lengthening"). I suspect, given the many ads and promotional material concerning yoga and pilates that a fair number of instructors are not concerned with correcting this misunderstanding..

In any case, if that is your point, then there is no reason to presume that yoga/pilates/gyrotonic is the only way to improve core strength and flexibility, nor that yoga/pilates/gyrotonic is the best way to improve core strength and flexibility...much less improving core strength and flexibility specifically for aikido.


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