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Re: Poll: Do you think your aikido organization would surive without its chief instructor(s)?

Good points Ted and Jorge.

The family approach of handing down the art would seem to work in the modern sense only when is operates somewhat in the old ways. That is, grooming the young inheritor from an early age. When such grooming takes place there is likely less resistance to the tradtion since the inheritor has been likely groomed by the top people for years. They have and investment in the inheritor. I would see more resistance and less loyalty when the ultimate inheritor has spent little time learning the art and then gets a crash course to bring them up to speed. Now you are likely to have resentment since the inheritor may be younger than the number of years of training for senior yudansha. Senior yudansh being told in such a situation that they are responsible for training someone to be their boss would seem to me more likely to resent the assignment. I think this is likely more problematic in American dojos where the family art tradition is not a strong part of the culture.

Another problem is the flexibility issue Jorge pointed out. Forcing it to become the founders way or highway approach is not likely to work well. Especially, if the founder was flexible himself and allowed people to evolve as long as most of the testing showed his technique. When the founder dies and the organization demonstrates a lack of flexibility you are going to have fallout.

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