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Re: This is a problem

Originally posted by George S. Ledyard

Anyone who thinks this is just a matter of consenting adults needs to read Sex in the Forbidden Zone : When Men in Power - Therapists, Doctors, Clergy, Teachers, and Others - Betray Women's Trust
by Peter Rutter.
The problem, IMO, is how do you determine if they are consenting adults and clearly they will be in some cases? If you go after one sensei for this practice then what comes next? Suppose a nidan dates a 4th kyu? Isn't that an abuse of power or position in some dojos? Where do you draw the line? No dating within the dojo? No dating within the community? No instructor dating? Some of these lines would fry a significant portion of our community.

The legal line is drawn at the age of 18 (or whatever your jurisdiction says) and consent. That someone is wowed by the awesome spectacle that is sensei probably ain't gonna cut it legally (I'm not a lawyer nor play one on tv). Plus, lack of consent is going to be hard to prove in an environment where the student is paying the instructor.

Despite, my earlier comments, I don't disagree with you, I just don't know how you judge the behavior and where you draw the line.

PS: Thank you for posting what you did.

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