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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

I'll do my best to field this - but I have no BJJ credentials - so please feel free to jump in and fix anything... (That is a good picture up there of exactly what I meant by "the mount." I didn't know it is specifically called "the forward mount." I think the main point is that the guy sitting on top is not between the legs of the guy in the bottom - where they call that "the guard".)

I agree with Thomas Dixon about the shoot being a term to basically mean tackle. I cannot give you an example of all of them, but here is a really basic one: Stand face to face with your favorite training partner (on a mat) and both of you leave your legs shoulder width apart with neither foot back. Now have your friend extend both arms. You step in, slap his arms up, drive your shoulder into the hips region, wrap your arms around the back of both legs, and you drive your friend up, back and over onto the mat. That's my best explanation of a basic double leg take down (which is a form of "shooting").

Here is my interpretation of what is meant by SPRAWL: The best defence from the point they have gotten their shoulder just about to hit your hips is for you to open your legs up wide and get your hips rotated back (so you kind of end up leaning your upper half forward). That is called sprawling (again a very basic explanation).

Roy, I think you are a very good guy and I hope I get to meet you and work out with you someday soon! I have really enjoyed this discussion.

I'm very interested in working with more sophisticated attacks like combinations and setting up a shoot, so if anyone gets insight, especially from an aikido perspective please feel free to drop me a line!

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