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You know it's funny. I do that on my own actually. Trying to think of the worst-case scenario for any given situation. The response I usually get from people is that I'm being too negative. I've never completely agreed with people, but it still made me re-evaluate my way of thinking. After all, I do not want to become a negative-thinker. But I have found that this approach seems to work best. If you've covered all the bases as far as what can go wrong and basically ran a simulation in your mind, then what I've found is that usually nothing bad happens. But if I don't think ahead, all hell breaks loose and I'm caught with my thumb up my ass(so to speak). Expect nothing. Be ready for anything. I've been saying this to myself since I read it somewhere not long ago. Well, now that I've gotten some validation for this kind of thinking, I'm definitely not going to worry about being too negative. Thanks again Ted.
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