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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

I met sifu Chris a few times. We both work out with Don Souci (who has amazing ground skills) at friendship seminars. He actually asked me to teach him aikido when I get into his area. He's a really nice guy.

I do not mean to disrespect you or to beat a dead horse. Please just consider that as a brown belt in BJJ you must have put in a long time of hard work. Imagine if someone in BJJ with 10 fewer years in was talking about what BJJ is standing up and your experience didn't agree with that statement. That's how I feel about someone with a shodan in aikido talking about what aikido is on the ground.

Please visit sifu Chris someday and we'll get together. I'll show you what I mean about aikido at a different level and you can maybe help me with escaping the mount when the guy on top doesn't go for the choke - which I have no idea how to deal with!

I have tried many times to talk about the set up to the shoot and so many people could never get past the initial assumption that the've already slapped my elbows upward and drove their shoulder into my hips and THEN I'm supposed to do aikido while they are slamming my head on the floor - as if I suffer from narcolepsy. So, I find you to be a rare BJJer. I'd love to hear from you what you think the best things are to work on to defend the common shoot set ups.

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