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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

BBJ is a solid martial arts...for its applications. Aikido is a solid martial art...for its applications. There is no comparison because each art is designed for different application.

Who is the ultimate predator? Man? Shark? Lion. What about man without a weapon? What about shark on land? What about a lion in snow? Nature demonstrates that even the best predator is not suited for all conditions.

Don't confuse the purpose of the BBJ with the purpose of aikido. I've seen good and bad of both, both arts have advantages and disadvantages. The outcome of a fight is dependent on many things, most of which have not been discussed here.

Here are some general rules of thumb I live by:
Don't fight a fighter
Don't box a boxer
Don't wrestle a wrestler
It seems stupid, but yet we are talking about wrestling a wrestler. Screw that. If I am confronted by any of the 3 opponents from above, I am going to make damn sure that I use aikido to fight them. If I can't make it work, then I will lose.

Aikido is a martial art that is just as good as any other martial art in the world. If you are involved in a fight and win, great; if not, that person(s) was more prepared for the fight than you. Does it matter what art they trained?

I'm a big Chicago Bears fan (Professional American Football). There's a story/legend of a conversation Mike Ditka had with an unamed sports writer after a game in the 80's. The Bears lost the game on a poor officiating call. The writer asked Ditka how he felt about the call, and Ditka replied that he felt the call was bad. The writer asked if the Bears intended to challenge the call, and Ditka replied "no." The writer then asked why, to which Ditka replied, "We lost. It doesn't matter how we lost - if we wanted to win, we would've beat them so bad a sh**ty call wouldn't have mattered."

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