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Re: Is aikido suitable for children.

Sticking to the title of the thread, in my experience aikido can be excellent for young children.

It may be watered down, improvised into games etc to cater for short attention span but from what I,ve seen, in a carefully regulated environment with due consideration to joints and body development then the kids love it.

They learn the positive caring side of martial arts, they learn to work with others where both benefit rather than one wins and one loses, they develop confidence and for some it can be the highlight of their lives. For some it may be the only positive experience they have - not everyone has a perfect childhood and not everyone is a born winner in competitive sport.

Im not saying it should replace sport, or they become martial masters or anything like that.

simply that they can practice, and enjoy it.

I take my hat off to the instructors who invest their time in providing this opportunity for kids.

It seems a hell of a lot harder than teaching adults although I am sure is just as rewarding.

Just my thoughts

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