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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Is it me, or is there an imbalance in an understanding of how one applies Aikido to serious and determined attack scenarios vis a vis BJJ in this thread? I mean we can see in a lot of ways (there are many examples) how BJJ works effectively in determined attack situations, since a major aspect of its training is for competition and we can review footage of bouts and even actual fights etc.

However I get the feeling that the same level of security and veracity in "what works" from Aikido's training methods a bit lacking in this thread. As I said it could be just me. But since modern Aikido may not have as many "battle stories" to draw reference from, it appears folks are doing a lot of "what if" guessing as far as what in Aikido will actually work in these scenarios, since there is not the same wealth of video information to show how Aikido can be effectively applied in a serious attack encounter (i.e. not the pretty shots of dojo darlings flying throough the air without resisting).

Imho one needs not get a Dan grade to be effective in applying one's Aikido in most scenarios, far less be a master of anything to apply it against a skilled grappler or fighter, one just needs to be a master of one's own game and not fall into that of the other person. All of the situations above where it has been indicated that Aikido may have difficulty is because the engagement has already gone outside the area or interval in the engagement where Aikido is most effective, or one may not be seeing the entirety of the situation and the possible options afforded by effective Aikido training - obviously it won't work if this is the case. This, contrary to the belief of many does not need to take a multitude of years to attain as well from Aikido, unless one expects to apply Aikido against a skilled attack and expect it to look like it does in the pretty cooperative dojo setting. This however is a bit delusional imho.

Aikido works against BJJ very well if you know what you are doing. But if you expect it to look like it would in the dojo, then even if you know what you are doing, your grasp on reality may be a bit lacking.

Just a few cents.

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