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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Rob Liberti wrote:
I've heard a slogan so many times that "90% of all fights go to the ground, and if you count knock outs then it's 100%". Who the hell is actively taking stats on this?!
Heya Rob,

I pretty much agree with you. For most folks (in any reasonably civilized area who are not LEOs, soldiers, or otherwise actively engaged in any daily activity that brings them into contact with violence) doing budo for 'self-defense' on the off chance that they'll be able to Ninja Turtle their assailant is pretty silly.

I'll posit that 90% of self defense is being alert and not being in places where you're likely to be attacked in the first place.

Most trad. budo can and doteach you things about personal combat that will help you defend yourself, but there's very little in most trad. budo curriculae that is actually, directly applicable to CQC.

(I've studied trad. and non-trad. martial arts for 30+ years and have actively served and worked in both police and military situations, by the way.)

As for the 90% thing, it's my understanding that the figure actually came from a study done at a major US university (I think it was UCLA) in the 80s. The study was specifically dealing with police arrest and restraint situations, and the original statement was more like: 75 percent of all apprehensions wherein the perpetrator resists arrest go to ground ...

The conclusion got twisted, applied to non-LEO situations, repeated ad nauseum, until it became part of the martial urban mythology.


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