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Re: Aikido Frauds

"Another one where more information may be required. Is it a new style, or simply a new organization? If it's a new organization, make sure they respect their lineage and find out why they made the split".

IMHO someone setting up a new "style" at 3rd or 4th dan is questionable. However, 6th dan and above with involvement in other martial arts and a clear definition of what makes their art different and why they wanted to set up something, new other than for political reasons, would seem more reasonable to me. I'm talking about someone with legitimate rank in an art at a mast level which is usually considered to be about 6th dan minimum in Aikido.

Setting up a new "style" with a new name to me should require something new and innovative not just a different interpretation of what you have been taught or more emphasis on a particular aspect of aikido.
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