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I`m just looking for the Japanese names of two knife attacks, I try to describe as follows:

You take the knife with the blade beyond your smallest finger in your right hand. Now you rise your hand beneath your left ear or shoulder with the blade pointing in the direction of your partner (I don't want to write opponent because I hope I will never be attacked with a knive). On the way to there, you can try to cut your partners chest from the left lower rib to the right shoulder (from the view of your partner). If this doesn't help, you come back with the knive from your left ear and stuck it in the right side of your partners neck. This is number one.

The other one is if I take the knive in my right hand with the blade over my thumb. Then I start with a circle in gedan level counterclockwise and try to stab my partners side between the hip and the lowest rib. I think, that's the place of the left kidney.

We do not perform these two attacks without knive and everyone refers to these attacks with "this one" or "that one".

Many thanks,

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