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Re: Learning How to Learn Aikido

Justin McCarthy wrote:
Since then I've tried to modify my teaching by never deliberately doing someing incorrectly, even if it is to show what people are doing wrong.
Justin. I try to show people what they are doing wrong in the following fashion. I let them practice a short time and if I notice a common problem I will stop them. I then perform the technique two ways: 1. The common way I see them doing it-here is what I'm seeing. 2. The way I demonstrated it initially (correct way)-here's what I showed you. I then ask them what was different or what did they notice about how I was doing it versus how they were doing it? It makes them think and observe. I find this helps correct the problem without focusing on the way it was being done wrong but rather on what they were doing versus what was showed.

I like your language comment. To me learning a language involves learning the vocabular and then syntax-construction of the language. Learning aikido is the same-learning the basics and then learning how to put them together in a pattern of movement consistently.
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