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Re: Aikido Frauds

Here's some of the simplist solutions I can come up with for this problem. I received some offline comments which suggest this problem is becomming more pervasive that we'd like to think.

1. Make it known that aikido is a specific art with some styles but is not a generic term like kung fu or karate. If we see frauds in our specific area, encourage them to change their name and drop the aikido term. Teaching a few aikido like moves as part of your curriculum does not make it aikido.
2. Put pressure on the frauds with no lineage and fake credentials that the art will not tolerate the use of aikido when they have no legitimate right to do so.
3. Go public in a general sense without naming names and do interviews or ads or public service announcements outlining some of the insights to detect frauds in this post (soke organizations, extremely lofty titles at young ages which are rare in most legitimate aikido organizations, weird claims, outlandish claims about military service, etc.).
4. Give the public some brochures or tools that show them how to check lineage, etc. Document your lineage on your website. Be proud of your heritage and make it known. The frauds generally make theirs up or try to obscure theirs by very general statements. Legitimate schools can document a lineage and rank paper trail.
5. Refuse to recognize any kyu rank issued by the frauds. If a student comes to your school and has some reasonable skills then it would be appropriate to advance them more quickly. However, recognizing rank given by frauds only legitimizes the fraud.
6. On e-budo, one person actually sent a fraudulent school a letter letting them know he knew they were fraudulent.

To me, demeaning the art by tolerating these people is unacceptable. I know there are a lot of legal issues and one has to be careful but I think most of the steps above if kept non-specific and focused on the seemingly common practices of such people will hopefully at least get them to drop the aikido term.

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