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Charles Hill
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Re: Learning How to Learn Aikido

Justin McCarthy wrote:
Has anyone else any input on this idea of NEVER deliberately showing the wrong way to do something, even if it is to say "don't do it this way"
Hi Justin,

I think that showing the wrong way is a method for people to become conscious of what they are doing wrong. I agree that showing the wrong way is bad if the student(s) are not already doing that particular wrong way. But by showing them visually what they are doing wrong, this can be valuable.

I think the idea of not letting a student or yourself make any mistakes from the beginning is a good one, but I also have the thought that making mistakes and later correcting them is a valuable skill that translates well to real life.

This question reminds of a time when I was visiting a dojo with an uchideshi type program. The teacher was demonstrating a technique with the uchideshi and told the class not to attack in a certain way as the attacker would be open to a punch. The teacher then made the uchideshi attack in that wrong way and then actually punched her, pretty hard. I'm not sure what the uchideshi was supposed to learn from that!

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