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David Yap
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Re: Aikido Frauds

Hi all,

I had some free time today while waiting for a report from a staff. I went on the Net and did a search on Google for "International Sokeship". I found at least 3 organizations. Some of the names look familiar and legitimate enough in the sense that the Sokes have proved themselves in competitional circuits since the 70's. Some professorships and doctorates were something else. The names they have given to their organizations/arts were exotic - Japanese and Chinese sound-alike but not sure about the meanings (wonder whether they know the meanings themselves).

Can't help wondering too that almost 100% of these Sokes and 10th Dans are Americans. It reminded me of the time when I was based in Yaounde, Cameroon on work assignment, I went to train at the Olympic Club and ended up leading class for 2 months; I stopped teaching after an incident involving myself and a colleague and 6 armed policemen who tried to extort us for a traffic offense that didn't take place. Anyway, at subsequent classes after the first, I was introduced to not less than 3 10th dan sokes in various MA disciplines. I was impressed that they have heard of my karate teacher - Hirokazu Kanazawa (sorry, there wasn't any aikido in Cameroun). So I asked whether they have had trained in Japan before. Surprisingly none of them have set foot on foreign soil and except for Tanbo of the framed Tanbodo, no Japanese instructors or high ranking non-Japanese MA instructors had set foot in Cameroon. So, my question - who taught them MA? They unashamedly told me that they learned from books and magazines, not even videos. When they addressed me as sensei, I just told them, "Ne pa la sensei (no sensei), monsieur okay".


David Y
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