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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Poll: Do you think your aikido organization would surive without its chief instructor(s)?

I think that the answer to the question if an organization can survive without it's chief instructor is that "it depends". It depends if the organization has a successor in place and mechanisms for the orderly transition of authority. The Midwest Aikido Federation was extremely stable until it's founder and chief instructor, Akira Tohei sensei passed away. He had no successor and the federation has gradually whittled itself down to a shadow of what it once was. I think what little is left of it is in doubt due to its small size and so many major defections. The AAA is also a well established organization and had a little trouble during the initial transition but this latest development may not bode well because the rank and file must perceive the replacement of a chief instructor to be fair and not political in nature. If the rank and file lose respect for the top, then things can devolve quickly.I think the lesson that the MAF learned is that family name and founder memory is not always enough.

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