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Re: Aikido Frauds (define it, please)

Michael Riehle wrote:
... small action is better than no action...
I agree.

About the reviews...

If we do not compite in our training, why should the dojos compite for students? I think that competence would be oppossite to Aikido spirit.

In fact, I think everyone of us take Aikido in a different way, so what is extremely good for you maybe is not so for me. Even in a dojo, teachers may be quite different at teaching.

Don't get me wrong, I think reviews are good, but I think they should be managed carefully.

About the beginner...

I think, my own opinion, the best way is to visit a number of dojos, be an onlooker during training for a couple of days and talk to the instructor and students. Then you can chose which one fits you best.

I don't think reviews would help the beginner to chose. Because the reviews are inmerse in the "martial arts world" and the most inocent beginner does not. So he/she would not have access to them.
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