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Re: Aikido Frauds

Benjamin Edelen wrote:
I couldn't disagree with you more, Ryan. Rating teachers online is not only appallingly disrespectful, but reduces the entire community to an infantile popularity contest. What there should be are sites like Aikiweb where we can communicate in a civilized manner, and dojos where we can do battle with the flaws in our own character. There is no need for a venue to expose the flaws of others.
I just happened upon the site ( a couple of weeks ago and looked up my old high school. Looking at the teachers I thought the ratings were fairly accurate IMO. One of my old teachers had a low rating, he's a really nice guy and the classes were fun but you would leave the class feeling like you really hadn't learned anything useful and that reflected in his rating.

Secondly I don't think it has anything to do with respect. If a student doesn't like you, no matter what the reason, you failed that student as a teacher. That being said if I'm going to go pay someone money to teach me a martial art that's going to take years to learn your damn right I want to know what other people think of that person. I don't think that finding out 5 years too late and $2400 poorer ($40 per month) that what they taught you was a whole lot of nonsense is a good way to spend my money/time.

If you go and buy a car are you going to just go to the lot and pick whatever looks the best or are you going to do a little research first and see what other previous buyers had to say about the product they bought, what problems they have had ect. If your smart your going to do some research otherwise you will get a nice looking lemon.

Education is the same way. You can get a good one or a bad one and it depends on the teacher, which is why I think students opinions, good and bad should be heard by anyone looking to purchase an education.
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