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Another Hakama thread?

So there I was in practice as usual when the inevitable happenned...

Sensei said, "Say, Boon, when are you getting your hakama?". Suddenly the cat got my tongue and it took me numerous seconds before I could utter a reply.

Inside me, I was elated... hakama, the badge of honour to mark ones' milestone in aikido. I have as do so many of you all have, our show 'n' tell that we are aikidokas. Bruises, Bumps, dislocated this and that, thick callous at our sole of foot et cetera, but a hakama is a true badge of honour. Oh crap all that...

I am just a drag queen wannabe and I want to be an extraordinaire drag queen.

Anyway, back from my digression... all I could mutter was a soft, kiddi-like whimper, "Ermm, how much is it? I thought only a sandan or above can wear it?" Acting all dowey eyed, infantile and innocent-looking.

So anyway, I am getting one at my local retail martial art supplier after getting my next pay check. These suckers are real expensive.

Nah, this thread has no educational value whatsoever, it is only just for ranting off. Sorry,


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