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Re: Good Hakama Gone Bad

Re: Good Hakama Gone Bad

My personnel observation:

Osawa Sensei wore a White Hakama, So did Osensei. Other Aikido Styles have, Red ,Purple, Green and so on.

John Stevens wore a Hawaiian Printed Hakama, I guess it's up to the individual as they hold there seminars. Outside of Japan, it may have been a gift from a individual dojo.

As for a ranking Aiki Kai Instructor from Hombu Dojo. it may be a stage in there career that they wish to separate there appearance from Black, Blue( Heavy cotton),Gray, White. I assume you have to have permission to wear different colored Hakama?. Or it maybe a Dojo requirement for the student.Or when, White represents a spiritual representation of a high ranking Instructor.

As for a kyu wearing a Hakama?, It's up to the individual Organization or Dojo.

A high Quality or Cheap Hakama, no matter what its the cost to the individual, is supposed to be folded properly after its use. And wash it once a year. I have visited dojos, when you don't have time to fold your Hakama. Put it on a hanger and fold it at home. And if you don't know how to fold it, Ask your Sempai for assistance. It is your training to fold it properly in a timely manner. You will be called to fold the visiting instructors Hakama or if you ask a instructor to fold his Hakama. You are judge by the instructor on how you fold and present the Hakama back to the teacher.
Take it as a privilege to fold the teachers Hakama. The Hakama is a spiritual representation of it's owner. It has the Ki and spirit of the individual. When your Hakama gets torn and unusable, Burn it along with your old Gi's. Don't just discard them in the trash. When your burn it in a fire all your perspiration,body oil, will explode into a blue flame.

I noticed all Hombu Dojo instructors have expensive Hakama and Gi's. It's like a businessman's suit, I notice it because I can feel & see the quality of the material.

I hope my over view on the subject. Well have some influence on your individual appearance and proper respect of your equipment used in training.

Lone Wolf of San Jose
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