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Re: Locking/pinning as pain submission...

I agree with you all so far...

As for pain being a part of it, I'm not one of those aikifaeries - pain is good, I was merely ranting about some people's _intent_.

The best example of this is probably yonkyo, I've heard lots of people claim that if you don't have the nerve, you aint got yonkyo... However, the nerve is just (as Peter put it) gravy, if you've locked up or pinned the shoulder, it's yonkyo pain or not....

Regarding strong grips, if you grip with your shoulders then yes you're going to screw up your shape, grip from the hips however and you have a good shape and strong grip. Have the intent (or as a lot of people say, 'feeling') of gripping with your hips and eventually your grip will become vice-like - without causing all the arms and shoulders to lock up.

In case you hadn't noticed :P I'm a big fan of intent... It probably comes from the fact I used to train somewhere that I now feel had the wrong intent with a few things, now I've changed dojos and picked up a much better intent I've found my aikido has come along heaps in a relatively short period of time... I guess if you get it right in your mind eventually your body starts to get bits right too.

Because of that, I get worried when I look at threads here on locking and pinning and see quite a few people talking about using pain to get it to work - so I figured I should rant a bit about intent in the hopes that some of them might read it and have a think...

As for why pain is useless, as pointed out earlier the aikido vs druggies thread has some good arguments in this regard.
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