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Lightbulb Relaxing

Originally posted by taro
... I gather, from what you've told me Ted, that I should work on being relaxed during a confrontation and trying to "feel" or "sense" a potential attacker's intentions. Other than this, would you have any other suggestions for my goals here? By the way, just curious, are you an instructor?
There are some who believe that repetition of technique will give you what you need. I tend to agree with you, in that you need to use your mind as well as your body. I've always thought that most people have fairly good minds, so it's worth developing.

The practice of having your partner attack several times, just to get a sense of timing (the exercise I mentioned before) is a good way to learn. Observing yourself and others, live or on video tape is another way. But probably the most common way to learn how to relax is doing breathing exercises and meditation.

Sometimes I'll fill in as an instructor if there is no one else around. The dojo I go to is very small and the instructors are 6th and 5th dan, while I'm a lowly 1.5 dan. So I'm happy just to attend. However it looks like I might have to instruct more often, since I'm lazy and want to have a class closer to where I live.

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