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Tim Griffiths
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Re: Bokken Suburi

The Iwama suburi are quite different to those done in most Ki style dojo's. For example, the 31 jo-kata in Saito's style is done to a count of 22, in a more flowing way and with several modifications in the movements by Ki Soc.

I'd recommend the video's anyway, but don't expect it to be exactly the same as you do in your dojo.
There are also the exercises on Satome's tapes. Also good, perhaps more 'ki-style', but again different.

I personally feel you should get familiar with the movements your dojo does first, then broaden your understanding of slightly different ways to do the same thing, and the logic behind the movements. The best way to do this it to use/borrow a camcorder and ask your sensei, or a senior student to do them on tape. I'm sure if you get your sensei to do it, others in the dojo would be pestering you for copies.


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