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Re: Oiling a jo

Hi, I have a question for Peter Zalinski...

when you pour the oil into the capped pvc pipe does that mean you use about 1-2 gallons of oil to float the jo? I assume you stand it up vertically to soak for the few days, is this correct? I'm tempted to try your method, although my own habit of periodically oiling with boiled linseed oil until slick and letting it dry over a period of a few days (to allow the oil to soak in) seems to have worked for me so far.

On a further note, our dojo uses walnut oil, but I can't say I see any benefit to it as the bokken have been beaten into smithereens over a period of less than three years (when they were placed new on the racks). They are not Japanese white oak, however, I believe they are American white oak, with a wide grain.
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