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Re: I don't want to dismember my opponents.

Found this article: CONCERNING SHINKEN, from a Google search for shinken.

To summarise, it is probably not a good idea to ask a Japanese sword collector his opinion on most Shinken. You have bought your Shinken, not for its artistic merits such as Hamon, Jihada, Nie etc., but for other considerations entirely such as balance, weight, length etc., which will not necessarily be appreciated by most collectors. It is also unwise to enquire about prices from sword collectors. They will only tell you what they would pay for it as an art-sword and as we have previously discussed, Shinken are seldom art-swords of great quality. I do appreciate how much Shinken cost to buy and have written several insurance valuations for Iaido practitioners that reflect a replacement value. It is, however, not within my remit to say whether these prices represent good value or not, this can only be determined by the prospective purchaser, his requirements and his personal financial situation, but they should not be under the impression, when buying a new or recently made Shinken, that they are buying good quality Japanese art-swords - it is 'only' a sword for Iaido that is being offered.

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