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Re: I don't want to dismember my opponents.

Not sure how this post morphed into a discussion of blades, but... My sources separate shinken from other japanese style blades by the production process. Shinken usually refers to traditional japanese-made katana. Traditional Japanese-made katana are regulated by the Japanese government to maintain higher quality and are generally more expensive. Other japanese style blades can be produced in countries like China, Korea, US or India. These blades usually incorporate non-traditional methods of forging, but are produced on a greater scale. I understand that nihonto became a popular term when japanese style katana began production outside of Japan.

To address the question posed about the dilemma of cutting your opponent; or in this case, expanding cutting to include hurting your opponent. You are practicing a martial art, and the application of martial are is combat, physical or otherwise. The fact that you do not wish to apply your training is inconsequential. Learn how to cut, then learn why not to cut.
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