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"subliminal" cues eh? Okay, so you are picking up some physical information. I'll work with "Feel their ki and when they extend their ki, you move". I'm just discovering this thing about extending ki. Not personally, mind you, just through reading etc. I expect it will be some time before I really "get" this stuff. I suspect it's something that I can only learn from experience. What I'd like to do at this stage in my training is to make my training efforts as efficient as possible. I believe you only get out what you put in. I can practice Ikkyo all day, but if my mind's not in the right place, I may as well be watching the grass grow, right? What I'm hoping to get here are some tips that will improve my training in this particular area of "sixth sense" type of stuff. I gather, from what you've told me Ted, that I should work on being relaxed during a confrontation and trying to "feel" or "sense" a potential attacker's intentions. Other than this, would you have any other suggestions for my goals here? By the way, just curious, are you an instructor?
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