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Re: aikido for police

William Bosworth wrote:
hey, i'm will. new to the forum and i'm looking for some solid advice on aikido. i've been a cop in new orleans for two years and i switched to the state police.
You should among other bits of research check out Robert Koga's stuff.
He has videos too. All of which would help educate you when looking around and evaluating local aikido schools to train with in your area. There is also Bill Sosa's book. The police officers that train with me have some separate concerns that we discuss outside of regular classes.

The Koga Institute is incorporated as a non-profit educational corporation in the State of California, offering training to law enforcement officers, correction and detention officers, and private security.  Incorporated in 1973, the Koga Institute has offered high-quality, no-nonsense training in the use of force (arrest control, self defense, and baton), as well as officer safety.

Koga Sensei has been trained in various traditional martial arts, including Judo, Aikido, Jiu-jitsu, and Kobudo.  During the course of a 25-year law enforcement career, Mr. Koga applied the knowledge he gained to the rigourous demands of law enforcement, developing a humane system of subject control known as "The Koga Method."

The Koga Method is used by many agencies and officers across the United States, and in numerous countries.  The Koga Method originally became popular with the publication of his first book, "The Koga Method: Police Weaponless Control."  Although the first book is now out of print, the Koga Method of Arrest Control has once again made it to press as "Controlling Force: A Primer for Law Enforcement." In the Winter of 1999, the Koga Institute released an additional book on self-defense for law enforcement entitled, "Redirecting Force."

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