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Re: I don't want to dismember my opponents.

Bill Danosky wrote:
In the opinion of whoever wants to post one, does a highline Paul Chen (Orchid, Shinto, etc.) count as a shinken? How about Cold Steel's Warrior/Imperial series? How is "Shinken" actually defined? I was under the impression that all "Shinkens" are made in Japan but I don't think that is correct now.

Also, I was wondering in another thread if anyone has ever done (or seen) tameshigiri with a Cold Steel katana? They're beautiful swords and their claim is that they're the best, but I don't think they're very popular with the real "users". Anyone know why that is?
Personally, I define Shinken as a fully functional katana. Shinken translates as "Live Sword" so, I guess thats how I define it. However, Nihonto, means Japanese Sword.

I think an Orchid, etc. from Paul Chen counts as a Shinken.

I would also count Cold Steels Warrior/Imperial series as a Shinken.

Never seen Tameshigiri with a Cold Steel Kat, but my assumption as to why they're not that popular has to do with their pricetag, and the competition's price. Why pay $500 for a Cold Steel Kat, when I can get a proven quality Last Legend or PC Shinto for around the same price, if not less?
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