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Disgust Re: I don't want to dismember my opponents.

Bronson Diffin wrote:
Hey I never thought of that

I think I'd float some business to a swordsmith friend of mine and see what he could come up with. He typically makes European swords but his workmanship is outstanding and I know he could make me a very nice cutting sword, he is a true craftsman.

Which is why I have what I have. I've had the opportunity to cut with some of Paul Chen's higher quality/higher priced models and they were quite nice. Unfortunately much too pricey for me. It was also my first cutting sword. I figured if I bent or somehow ruined a $200 sword I could deal with it a lot better than if I ruined a $5000 sword

Be careful, he might want to watch a Japanese Swordsmith (not a Japanese swordsmith, but someone who mostly makes Japanese swords..) Because it's a compltely different process than making european
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