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Rocky Izumi
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Re: aikido for police

Dave Cole wrote:
I think I've said this before in other posts, but my opinion is that as a cop, you have a tool belt with lots of stuff on it. You select the appropriate tool when in a confrontation, and these are not just gun, baton, taser, spray, cuffs, etc. Also on that tool belt is your training and experience, be it in firearms, crisis negotiation, police defensive tactics, or whatever. In today's society of litigation, it pays to have as many effective tools available as you can. Aikido is no magic bullet, and it does take lots of regular practice to become (and to remain) proficient. But I think many of its techniques (and attitudes) are useful tools for your toolbelt. I'm glad I have it on my tool belt! I also second Michael's comment that the best tool you have is between your ears. I've used it many times to end a situation safely for all involved, which is always preferable to injuries, lawsuits, and your cruiser video on the eleven o'clock news!
Nice post Dave. Thanks for reminding all of us to use our heads for things other than Irish kisses..

BTW, Aikido principles also work verbally. e.g. Join, then lead. Old negotiation strategy. Or, continuous kuzushi until kime.

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