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Question Reactions

Originally posted by taro
Ted: Okay, so you're not "reacting" to your attackers movements, is this correct? I've gotten the impression that sometimes(if not always), an aikidoka will "lead" his/her attacker (in a martial situation) by bringing up their arms for the "check"(not sure of the proper terminology here), at just the right time. When the attacker has "boiled" to the point where they are about to attack. This way, the aikidoka influences, or somewhat controls the form of attack the attacker chooses. But this only works in certain circumstances. What I'm still unclear on is how the aikidoka can read the attacker's psychology. Without any "physical" cues(muscle twitch, facial expression, tensing up etc.), I can't see how anyone could "feel" or "read" or "empathize" with the attacker's intent.

Dallas: hey, just caught your 2 postings. Thanks for the input. A little ahead of my level, but I can see how Ushiro waza could help with 6th sense stuff. Thanks.
taro: I see this thing as is transcendence. You're trying to transcend your own physical reactions and simply move when they do. The way you do this is by relaxing. By relaxing you'll be able to take in more subliminal physical clues and feel when the attacker commits to their attack. A more traditional view would say "Feel their ki and when they extend their ki, you move.". Told you this stuff was weird, but look at the films of O Sensei and see how he moves when being attacked. Does he react to the attacks or does it seems he's moving within his own time zone?

Dallas: Ushiro waza is good for development. I'm not sure it could be called a sixth sense or a subtle use of physical clues (see my reply to taro). Whatever it is, it does work and Ushiro is a good way to practice.

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