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Re: Bokken etiquette

When in Rome... Sometimes I ask why bokken faces one direction or another, just to clarify. I find it easier to follow a custom when I understand it.

For example, in our dojo we present bokken with ha facing upwards and tsuka to the left; this display shows Kurigata, the eyelet for sageo. This position allows the user to grasp saya and sageo with the right hand and place the weapon in obi easily. This is one of many positions that I have seen for presenting bokken/ken.

Aikki ken is not iaijistu or kenjitsu, so the customs will not necessarily be the same. I heard an earlier comment on erring on the side of etiquette and I agree. A bokken is more than a piece of wood, and should be treated as such. The attitude with which the instructor and students treat their weapons will reflect upon how the treat eachother..
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