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Re: What is good ukemi?

Re: What is good Ukemi?
When I started in 1970. I observed my sempai demonstrating their extreme Ukemi falls.
My impression as beginner was to be like them. Oh, I had my injury's and knocks on the head. At 24, coming from a Karate background. It was hard to adjust taking Ukemi, The concept of taking a break fall and flips into the air like a feather amazed me.
But I had to find out myself in the long run, Protect yourself, learn Ukemi first before you can be a nage. Get that exposure of Ukemi from the top instructor you encounter in your Aikido practice.
Been thrown and taking the ukemi for a top instructor is your accomplishment and even been throw by Doshu, Waka Sensei, S. Masuda, Seki Sensei, Tanoue Sensei, Akita Tohei, Maruyama, Osawa and many other ranking instructors that taught in Hawaii on there travels all over the world.
As a Uke you have to read your nage, Be as one, what may be a 3 minute demo. over in seconds.
As you develop, your focus is now been to be a Nage. You have accomplished one side of the spectrum. Now you have to polish the other side. Yin & Yang is a example.

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