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Smile Re: Ukemi vs. Protecting your attacker

John Matsushima wrote:
Hello everyone,
I have heard discussion of the importance of good ukemi to protect yourself. Some people say that good ukemi is to sort of "dive into it" to get ahead of the technique. I have also heard some people complain that X person's ukemi is terrible, and therefore the technique can't be done right. If Aikido techniques are to protect from harm the nage as well as uke, why does one need such good ukemi? My main question is, what do you think are ways that techniques can be executed with someone that has no ukemi ability without harm?
{Comment=Alvin Nagasawa} Aloha, everyone,
It is important to have a trained Ukemi, As a Instructor demonstrating a technique, Unlike using a untrained Uke, who may injure the instructor and Uke. If you notice in a seminar, The instructor calls upon a trained uke, He observes the students as they train, and will call up those that has the experience. But I for one will use a person with no ukemi ability, to show ones ability to blend with the lowest kyu rank. One has to adjust to every situation, because every one on the mat has to have your attention to learn aikido. A good Instructor must have that quality.

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