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Re: aikido for police

Peter Rehse wrote:
I guess that means no noogie waza.

One reason I like the idea of Judo over Aikido is you get to mix it up sooner. Toughening of sould and body. Boxings good too but the use of force thingy gets in the way I would think.

Don't teacher the police, don't want to teach the police, just playing armchair expert.
You're right. The "Use of Force Policy" of most police services puts a real crimp into the use of martial arts in policing, as does the prevalence of video cams, news media, and human rights groups, as well as the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in a lot of jurisdictions.

The Use of Force Policy is usually there to protect both the officer and the police service from liability and injury. It is a difficult balancing act that requires the cooperation of the judicial system, media, the public, and the police service. It is because of these Use of Force issues that most police services have taken up Aikido or some version of it as a large part of their defensive tactics training. The difficulty with doing this is that training tends to be on the basis of techniques rather than principles so officers have difficulty remembering it, practicing it, and applying it to other situations. As well, as you pointed out, you can't teach the aikido based on techniques because then, it doesn't become applicable to situations such as groundfighting, weapons usage, and vehicle usage. When taught based on principles, then the lessons carry through all the way.

Gotta get off to Kendo. Later dudes.

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