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Re: aikido for police

Charles Hill wrote:

Is the instructor in New Orleans, Nathan Hill?

Yes. Nathan is good. He was one of my Kohai. He used to be with the Midwest Aikido Federation under Tohei Akira Sensei. He is not under Larry Ozenberger last time I heard.

The Hong Kong Police Force still only train in Aikido even though there are many other martial arts available in Hong Kong.

I've been training police, security, and military for over 20 years.

A ERT NCO and I came up with a teaching format for police we call the Aikido Control Tactics System that incorporates the principles of Aikido into basic defense, control and arrest, weapons retention, intermediate weapons usage, firearms training, and driving training. We wanted something that was easier to teach to police since most officers get one shot at learning something and never get a chance to practice it again except on the job. The structure is systemised so that the same lessons are taught over and over again using different situations. It seems to work rather well.

However, there are lot of other teaching systems out there that work just as well such a Sensei Koga's system and the late Sosa Sensei's PACT System.

My suggestion is to start Aikido and fill in the gaps as you see fit. Training of any kind is better than no training at all. Just remember to apply the proper Use of Force Policy understanding as determined by your police service.

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