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Originally posted by aikilouis
I'd like to ask the instructors reading if they'd take the responsibility to teach techniques specifically designed to disarm a gunman. What would be their reaction if one of their students was killed trying to do that.
This is actually a good question well beyond dealing with guns.

We teach/learn techniques in the dojo that are supposed to be useful is self defense. Even if your goal in Aikido training is something else - the root of what we do is a series of highly efficient techniques designed to take out an aggressor.

A fine line is trod between instilling a level of self confidence and ensuring that the very same does not create a fool. You really must learn your limitations but it is the instructors responsibility to inject a dose of realism.

I am sure that one can use Aikido to deal with a gun, knife or name your weapon. I am not so sure that my Aikido can. I preach caution but if that doesn't work - well you can't tell me I didn't die trying.

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