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Originally posted by Ray Kissane
Also with a knife over the head this is an attack by someone with little or no training. A knife fighter will use slashing to create multiple wounds to send the body into shock quickly. When the body goes into shock it becomes very hard to defened. With a slash the knife will not become lodged in the body like with a stabbing motion.
I just wanted to add that I've always been taught that if you can see the knife the attacker probably doesn't know what they are doing with it, or, it's being used for threat purposes which hopefully means they don't intend to kill/cut you with it. This would imply that handing over your wallet is a good thing if the attacker is showing you the knife.

The other thing I was always taught is that if something does go down with the knife, you will get cut.

I would imagine the same rules apply, at least somewhat, with a gun. I don't know about anyone else but I don't have any illusions about disarming a knife.

Lastly, I do believe that Mr. Jim was having some fun with that knife above the head comment.

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