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Originally posted by aikilouis
I'd like to ask the instructors reading if they'd take the responsibility to teach techniques specifically designed to disarm a gunman. What would be their reaction if one of their students was killed trying to do that.
What about if a student is injured in an unarmed situation? Or a situation involving a knife? I do not think that an instructor should be responsible for the decision a student makes outside of the dojo. Hopefully the instructor has given the student the physical and ethical tools to make a good decision, but the responsibility for the decision should rest upon the student who chose to study aikido, got into a dangerous situation, and then used the art to extricate him/herself.

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That is why military knifes have a blood groove in them.
Perhaps I am incorrect on this, but if the terminology of swords applies to knives, the "blood groove" is more accurately called a fuller. They were not added to swords for the purposes of breaking the suction of a wound, but actually to decrease the weight of the weapon. I believe that the fuller also increased the rigidity of a blade in much the same way a piece of paper is easy to bend if there are no folds, but much more difficult to bend perpendicular to any existing folds.

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