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Re: aikido for police

William Bosworth wrote:
hey, i'm will. new to the forum and i'm looking for some solid advice on aikido. i've been a cop in new orleans for two years and i switched to the state police. troopers spend alot of time on the road ,alone, with little or no back up. would aikido give me real life techniques to use in situations. are there knife/gun defenses/takedowns or takeaways? and reading about aikido its mostly defensive, can you use it offensively? i'm not looking to be a ufc champ nor do i want to be the tough guy in the dept. i want to be the humble cop with an arsenal of tricks up my sleeve if push comes to shove. any advice would be appreciated. hope everyone had a good xmas.thanks. by the way has anybody heard anything about the dojo in new orleans(aikido new orleans)
I'd suggest the FMAs, Krav Maga or Brazilian Jiujitsu for police, rather than Aikido.

The FMAs are edged weapons (also include unarmed, however) and so if you mention to the instructor you're a cop, he may be able to give you a headstart on the knife (and gun if they have them) disarms after you get the basics down.

Krav Maga is the Israeli army's official Martial Arts system. It's hard to find an authentic school, but the art is based on diffusing the situation as fast as possible.

Brazilian Jiujitsu is groundfighting, and grappling mostly but has some standing techniques. It can be helpful when you take a guy down, and have to keep him there long enough for backup to arrive so they can cuff him.

You might also want to check around your department, and see if you can find any informaiton about seminars for police officers that include weapons defense.
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