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Originally posted by aikilouis
I'd like to ask the instructors reading if they'd take the responsibility to teach techniques specifically designed to disarm a gunman. What would be their reaction if one of their students was killed trying to do that.
....How about the other side of the coin here! I'd feel pretty bad if one of my students was confronted by a gunman and didn't have a clue what to do in this situation, ending up being shot or even worse killed!

...You folks probably all practice tantodori or tachidori without even batting an eye about the consequences of doing these techniques ...or should I say, muffing these techniques. (Yah, Yah, that's just 'dojo-stuff', your not learning these techniques to really use in the street, right!)

...The reality of this world is that the most likely weapon you're going to see stuck in your face is a gun! I want my students to at least have the ability to do something if they feel they have no choice. Not teaching them how to deal with a gun would be irresponsible on my part in my opinion.

...Hey, you don't have to do a thing if this happens to you, it's your choice ....that is if you know how to do something ...if not, you have no choice!

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