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Re: Oiling a jo

From the Maintenance Page of the Kingfisher Woodworks website.

On Kingfisher wooden swords, Teak oil has been used. The weapon can be maintained by occasional application of Teak oil, especially where it is handled a lot - but do not overdo it by building up an unnecessarily thick surface coat of oil!

Maintenance: There are several options for maintaining the finish on your natural hickory wood weapon. One of the most important reasons for a finish is to slow down the exchange of atmospheric moisture but also to keep the wood clean and smooth. There are two options for maintaining and enhancing this finish. One is oil and the other is wax. I would not recommend using a surface treatment like varnish, varathane etc.

Oil Finish: The existing finish can be improved by regular handling of the weapon and routine reapplication of suitable oil finish. Oil finishes give a feeling of control but also allow the wood to slide somewhat through the hand which is especially important for Jo and staff techniques. In the Kingfisher shop, we use Teak Oil almost exclusively. Other common choices for oil finishes are Tung oil, Boiled Linseed oil, and commercially available mixtures like Watco Danish Oil. Teak oil and Watco Danish Oil are preferred because the mixtures have a low viscosity and will penetrate the wood more easily. When applying oil, rub in a thin coat. Wait 15 min. Remove and excess and let this dry overnight. Finally, buff out with a cloth

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