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Ray Kissane
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Originally posted by Jim23

Regardless of where you live, you might have a little trouble outrunning a bullet. Dodging them ... well, that's another story.

Regarding a knife attack, I was taught that the attacker to be extra careful with, was the person who attacks with the knife above his head (fist above the head). They're out for the kill, as opposed to just slashing you.

In Nihon Goshin Aikido we pratice several hand gun and some long gun(rifles) defenses. I have taught these to police officers who have requested this type of training to assist in their job. I know that the FBI has a training program for their agents at the academy on hand gun defenses also.

The military and police practice shooting at 10-15 foot ranges for two reasons. The first is that is the environment that they will find themselves in where they may have to use their weapon will have a range between them and a suspect of about 10-15 feet. The second being when using a pistol, most people can not hit a target at over ten feet accuratley with out practice .

Based on this if a person where to get distance between themself and the attacker they have a better chance. Also the defender needs to present the smallest target possible so by turn their side towards the attacker they become harder to hit.

Also with a knife over the head this is an attack by someone with little or no training. A knife fighter will use slashing to create multiple wounds to send the body into shock quickly. When the body goes into shock it becomes very hard to defened. With a slash the knife will not become lodged in the body like with a stabbing motion. When a knife is used in a stabbing motion the body wound will close on the knife so that it becomes very hard to remove it. That is why military knifes have a blood groove in them.

My sensei Mr. MacEwen has several tapes out and he has one that is devoted to hand gun defenses. His web address is if your interested in the tapes.


Ray Kissane
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