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Re: Problem with my sensei

Arif Hikmet wrote:
Hello, I am a fourth kyu aikido student. I am having problem with my sensei (at the age of 50,3rd dan). I have started to think that he is not a good instructor. First of all, he always speaks. He shows a technique, lets us practise twice or three times, then keeps speaking and speaking. Secondly, he always criticizes other dojos and senseis, tells that as for him "most of them are bad and our dojo is good....." And finally, he demands money unnecessarily, tries to sell things (bokken.....) much more expensive.
All of these behaviours of him have made me think that he is not a good teacher. And day by day, I have started to lose my trust of him. What should I do?. Should I change my dojo? (that I don't want to ) or be patient and wait? ... or what else?
Maybe he's short of cash. a lot of instructors make some big sacrifices for the sake of their art usually dedicating a lot of time...what do people say? Time equals money....

He talks to much? So do I sometimes....The point is..does his talking help - is it relevant? sometimes the right words can help so much to lift understanding. Would you want an instructor so unenthusiastic about his art that he had nothing to say about it? Aikido practice is not a purely physical activity after all.

Critisizes other...hmm. Well look at some of the posts on this forum. We've all done it. Doesn't make it right but we are only human.

My own instructor can be egotistical, always right and bloody minded. If he wasn't he probably wouldn't have achieved the things he's achieved in life.

I say look at the guys they outweigh his weaknesses? By all means look at others but be careful not to burn your bridges.

Of course he could be a money grabbing, fraud who is full of himself.!!

Only those that know him can say for sure....

Choose carefully.


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