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Re: Throwing Spikes?

Thomas,... when ever you train with Bo shuriken, remember or ask your Buddy the applications of these weapon... First:

1. As a stabbing tool: you don't have to throw it every time, try retrieving the shuriken from it's hiding place usually the inside of the lapel (practice with a flat point pencil or a peace of plastic) and go for combinations on sensitive parts of the body like neck, arm pits, side of the knees, crotch, face (specially under the ear in the space between the lower jaw bone and the carotid artery )ext.

2. Then practice these combinations, back roll or side roll to make some space, and then go for the throw ..... ( have a preset target) Get used to fighting and then making space for yourself and then throwing. The idea is to get away wile the attacker deals with the injury, or if you miss usually their attention goes to the area of the hit and this will give you (not always) the chance for another throw, getting a head start and escaping or launching another attack

3. Measure distances by steps, start at five feet from target and move an additional step for every 3 hits, as a black belt usually the standard is at 9 steps, getting at least 7 of every 10 throws

4. They (BO shuriken) can also be used as climbing tools, by hammering them on a 45 degree angle in the following fashion:




These with the use of a piece of cloth or rope if your lucky, can help you climb a tree, or set up a warning devise on your perimeter, by attaching a string from one, on one side of the most likely approaching point; And another 15 to 20 feet across. Then just find empty cans and fill them with rocks, or, if in a completely natural environment, go for ether fruit shells, (coconuts, nuts) fallen tree bark ( when moisten can be reshape and filled with different size rocks, and when it dries you'll have a shaker). Spread them around 4 to 6 feet one from the other, and get always one secondary line, forming the tip of an arrow type shape >.... the mouth of the V is your resting area.

5 They can also be attach with line, to any stick and form a Yari (spear) type weapon/tool, that can help, especially with fishing... because, it tends to Pierce the fish instead of cutting, like some traditional spear heads tend to do, is also easier for the beginner

6. Star shuriken (shaken). It also can be used as a H t H weapon, if you pinch it between your thumb and your pointing finger, you have sharp edges on the inside and outside of your hand, training for this techniques should always be made on skin type material to develop the right grip (strength)

7. As a tool it has uses that rage from climbing, to helping entrance, to being easily adapted to another weapon for example,... instead of a lonely iron weight at the end of the chain of a Kusarigama, with a Iron loop attach the star shuriken to it and now wherever that iron ball hits,... it not only hits.... it cuts also

8.The more sharpen points, the bigger the chances of a hit, BUT, the penetration is never as a Bo Shuriken, but it compensates, in the sense that it takes MUCH MUCH LESS practice to get a decent throw/hit ratio
Hope I had answered some of your questions my friend, and tell your friend, to always develop the full range of a weapon... it should be just a tool, not anything more than that. No special value should be given to it that way you see it as something that can be use for many things when you start idolizing weapon systems they usually lose their edge as tools because they are been looked at as weapons only,.... this is extremely harmfully to the student.
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