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Re: Throwing Spikes?

jajaja, the pasta primavera SUCKS,,, JEJE........ XU excuse my English bud ,..... it is just my fourth language ..... but sorry anyway ........ so Don Dreager was called unreliable huuum ..... but you listed as one of your main references....... how com .. ooh yeahhh is my English..... is that..... am stupid OK my bad you didn't list him as reference... and Dr. Hatsumi is not a regular in Budo Magazine, and he wasn't, named instructor of the year by Black Belt Magazine, oooh and I made up that thing about the Hattori clan ....... that is not part of Japan's rich Martial history ....... I made it up, and I also made up the things about SF training, and me and my friends dress as Ninja turtles infiltrated the discovery channel and planted the one hour special ... aren't I a practical MF, I lied and also manage to provide reliable sources to back it up.... my lying ability is only surpass by my grammatical expertise in the English languish..rigth XU.... is OK sorry for lying so much .... am so ashamed

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