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Re: Problem with my sensei

I've never understood the idea that I must by loyal to my teacher till death an/or senility do us part. It is understood that your current teacher may not be your eventual final choice.

If for some reason you and your teacher are incompatible - then find another teacher. At 4th Kyu its not as if your entire life has been dedicated to one man.

I've said this before on a number of occasions. Picture a 15 year old boy walking into a dojo because of something he saw. This could be peace love and harmony or a Seagal movie. He gets older, develops his own mind and realizes where he wants to go is not the same as his teacher. This is a natural progression. Its also quite common for the teachers themselves to go off in directions dictated by their increased maturity. Worse case scenario is he has spent several years in a McDojo and finds out there is much better stuff out there. Either way - leaving is a natural thing to do.

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